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You won’t Believe The Effect Pornography has on Children

Pornography is a topic that is hardly ever discussed, mostly because many who watch porn feel an enormous amount of shame brought on by others or themselves. Many young adults have personally shared with me that the desire to watch porn has stemmed from their childhood. I used to be naive to the fact that pornography could ever stem from a person’s childhood and carry for years into adulthood. As I reflect, I realize I was exposed to porn when I was 8 years old and I thank God it never became […]

Dating During COVID-19. The Good and the Bad.

I don’t know about you, but I have been trying to navigate through the new “social distancing” norm the best I can; but it has been rough! I am a people person. I enjoy being around people most of the time— different people that is, not just the ones I live with! I can only imagine the difficulty of adding a relationship to the mix while under a stay at home order. How will new relationships last? Are people being creative during this time or just giving up?As I think about different avenues of […]

COVID-19 and Human Trafficking. What is Happening Right Now?

The global COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated incredible societal changes that few people were anticipating. If you are self-isolating and figuring out how to work from home while homeschooling your children or you have just been laid off, we sympathize. Rahab’s Daughters is dealing with unexpected challenges, too.Thanks to COVID-19 our phones are ringing double time with women either trying to escape trafficking or because they are abandoned by their traffickers. Imagine being forced to provide […]