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How Does Someone Become Trafficked at Super Bowl?

Cammie was a college student struggling to pay her tuition when she met her trafficker. He was a charismatic Romeo Trafficker who lured her into a relationship, promising to help and allow her to safely and quickly earn money by dancing for clients. Instead, he forced her into prostitution for two years. *Names have been changed to protect the rescue’s identity. How did this happen? Her story began in Manhattan, New York, where she encountered her trafficker. His charisma and ability to initiate […]

Unconditional love is the answer (Lisa’s story, part 3)

Lisa hadn’t finished middle school by the time she was trafficked. From 13 years onward, she never stayed in school. “There was never an opportunity,” says Sam Wijeyakumar, founder of Rahab’s Daughters. So, Lisa piecemeals 1.5 high school credits until her rescue at age 17.Naturally, one of the first goals we had for Lisa, after settling her in a group home, was getting her enrolled in school. But the path back to reintegration is never a straight line.Part of how Rahab’s Daughters works with […]

Rescue is just the first step: It takes a village (Lisa’s story, part 2)

After our primary role of preventing trafficking, through education and advocacy, Rahab’s Daughters rescues, rehabilitates and reintegrates trafficking victims.As labor- and planning-intensive—and often dangerous—as the initial rescue may be, it is just the first step in a long process, from meeting basic human needs through giving the rescues the emotional tools, education and vocational skills to thrive. We can’t—and don’t—do it alone.When a person has been enslaved, they are stripped of […]

Trafficking happens in the suburbs too (Lisa’s Story, Part 1)

“My life before I met you all was like a maze.”–Lisa, sex trafficking survivor, referred to Rahab’s Daughters by the FBI.A common myth about trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children is that “It doesn’t happen here.”Like many children at her middle school, Lisa was an average student, working hard for her grades. Her favorite subjects centered around creative expression; she is a naturally gifted singer and poet.The affluent Chicago suburb where she was born and raised is nicknamed […]