KALLI was introduced to the sex trafficking industry and trafficked by her uncle. Through a series of events, her father became aware of her trafficking, and he removed her from the situation. Upon leaving, Kalli joined the program of another organization where she was able to walk through their recovery program and begin her healing journey. 

When Kalli completed that program, she lived with her father, ready to make a fresh start in life and continue pushing past the trauma that she’d experienced through the sex trafficking industry. However, her time living with her father was not what she had originally expected. His unhealthy habits and ways of passing the time through the use of drugs and participating in prostitution with others were holding Kalli back from progressing in her rehabalitation journey, and causing her to backtrack from all the great progress she had made in her previous program. Kalli made attempts to communicate her concerns to her father and explain how the living environment was halting her progress, but they went unheard. Recognizing that she needed to receive more help and remove herself from her father’s home in hopes of continuing to make great strides, she called the National Human Trafficking Hotline and was connected with Rahab’s Daughters.

Upon reaching out to Rahab’s Daughters, a team member contacted her to learn more about her story and complete an intake. Rahab’s Daughters take the time to complete intakes with survivors looking for residential help so that we can better understand their situation and determine productive next steps with them. Kalli explained to Rahab’s Daughters her living situation and how she needed a safe place to stay. The Rahab’s Daughters team immediately began to work with her so she could leave her father’s home and continue on her healing and reintegration journey. We explained to Kalli the different program options with us and our partner organizations, and had extensive conversations about her options. Based on her progress at that point and her current needs, Kalli decided she wanted to relocate to a different state and participate in one of Rahab’s Daughters partner programs. With that, we immediately began the process to make that happen. Including working to get her transportation with the help of another organization, organizing her move, and getting her placement into her selected program. 

Throughout the whole process, from the moment we conducted an intake to when Kalli arrived at the partner program, the Rahab’s Daughters team worked with her and ensured she remained up-to-date throughout the whole process.  Making the choice to get help isn’t an easy one, and we wanted to ensure that she still felt in control of her life and comfortable at each step of the process. Today, Kalli continues to thrive in her journey. After settling into her selected program, she explained to us that with our help she “felt as if [her] life mattered and [she] had the support [she] really needed at the time of [her] crisis.” She remains in that same program today, working on bettering herself and moving past her trauma. We are still in contact with Kalli, and will continue to be a resource to her throughout her recovery journey and afterwards. 

Kalli is just one of the survivors we were able to serve this year. With the help of Rahab’s Daughters, our volunteers, and partner organizations, others with similar stories to Kalli were also able to get help and resources as they left the trafficking industry. While Kalli was able to leave the industry, many women, children, and men still are entrapped in it today. You can help other victims of trafficking by getting involved in the fight against human trafficking. Stay informed, get involved, and most importantly, help others like Kalli be #empoweRD.

*For the protection of the survivors, identifying information has been edited or removed in this post and any related content.