MANDY was introduced to the sex trafficking industry by her ex-boyfriend. In order to please him, she would go out and do jobs for him. When he decided to end their relationship and leave her, Mandy had to figure out a way to provide for her family. She ended up doing this by working the streets.  We met Mandy in the middle of 2020. She came to us with her two children and a third on the way. She didn’t have a place to live and was not in a good state. But she was ready to seek help so that she could work on herself for her own sake and the sake of her children.

When Mandy first entered our program, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to work towards in life. Like most people, there were just too many options for her to choose from and narrow down her choice immediately. She also questioned what she was capable of, as her past was still holding her back. After a few conversations with her mentors, us, and realizing that she had the power to accomplish anything she wanted to with time and hard work, she mapped out her Dream Plan. Based on what she had decided she wanted to work towards, we worked with her to get her there by setting mini-goals and progress points, and achieving those one by one.

Within a few short months of her journey, Mandy achieved some of her goals and had the proud moment of checking them off her Dream Plan as achievements. She was able to get a housing voucher to give her family a home of their own, and got admitted into one of her top choices for school in a major that she loves and is thriving in. Now with three healthy children and her mental and physical well-being improving, her desire to continue to make great strides in her life remains strong.

Mandy is still in our program as she continues to work towards her Bachelor’s degree. She has made noticeable progress in her life, so much so that her mother commented on it, sharing with us how happy she is with her daughter’s success thus far, and how she is grateful Mandy is working with Rahab’s Daughters. 

After a background filled with trauma, Mandy remains dedicated and committed to this journey and accomplishing her goals. While some of her goals have changed as she has grown and discovered her potential, the core of her Dream Plan still remains in effect. Like many other survivors, Mandy came to us with the desire to heal and be better for herself and the people she loves. And every day she makes the decision to continue doing exactly that. She’s leaving her past behind not just for herself but for her children, who will be able to look back and be reminded of how strong their mother is.

Mandy is just one of the survivors we were able to serve this past year. With the help of Rahab’s Daughters, our volunteers, and partner organizations, others with similar stories to Mandy were also able to get help and resources as they left the industry. While Mandy was able to escape the industry, many women, children, and men still are entrapped in it today. You can help other victims of trafficking by getting involved in the fight against human trafficking. Stay informed, get involved, and most importantly, help others like Mandy be #empoweRD.


*For the protection of the survivors, identifying information has been edited or removed in this post and any related content.