It’s no secret that Rahab’s Daughters is a ministry-led organization, so a biblical group name is fitting.  But there’s much more you may not know about why our founders chose Rahab’s Daughters to represent us.  


Matthew 1

Throughout the Bible, we learn that Jesus’ family consisted of many types of people, including outcasts.  We learn to celebrate and love these people just as we do all others. Through this love and praise, unlikely heroes are born.  


In Matthew 1, we learn about Rahab, one of five women mentioned in the lineage of Christ.  Rahab’s choice of living may raise eyebrows as she’s known as the Scarlet Lady, the prostitute who lived in the walls of Jericho.  One might assume that someone like Rahab would never defend the Lord, but she did when she saved the lives of God’s spies.  Her heroism and trust in God was rewarded when she was saved as Jericho fell.  She then went on to marry a centurion and became a precious part of history.  


Rahab As Our Inspiration

The story of Rahab has a happy ending, but let’s look deeper.  Rahab’s only choice to avoid homelessness and poverty was to live as a prostitute.  Her story today would fit perfectly into the US federal definition of human trafficking.


“I am inspired by a woman who was the Scarlet Lady and yet had faith based only on hope even in what looked like a hopeless life for herself.  I named our company Rahab’s Daughters because this hope coupled with action is what I hope every survivor will feel.” – Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar, Founder of Rahab’s Daughters


Our hope is that survivors and the community alike will be drawn to us and trust us just as Rahab trusted the spies.  We want to be a beacon of hope, encouraging a step of faith similar to Rahab.  Oftentimes, like Rahab, survivors need to take certain measures to exit their life of trafficking.  We want our survivors to know that those measures are okay if it means transitioning to a life of safety and faith.  


We Are All Daughters of Rahab

We are all daughters of Rahab and enter into the lineage of Jesus when we become the family of God.  We want all who are touched by Rahab’s Daughters to know that we, too. are a welcoming family of God.  From volunteers, to donors, to survivors, we are motivated by grace and joy, and we strive to fill our group with the brave individuals who come to support us or need our assistance.