Volunteers: Making a Difference Every Day in the Fight Against Human Trafficking. Rahab’s Daughters Needs You.

Volunteering is vital to all of us who operate in the plural sector. Nearly every charity, religious organization, professional association, and nonprofit organization rely on volunteers to perform everyday tasks and complete big projects. Nonprofits aren’t the only ones who benefit from this arrangement, though.

Remember that bet Phoebe and Joey had on Friends? Phoebe set out to prove to Joey she could find a selfless good deed, an act from which the altruist experiences no benefit. Phoebe was unsuccessful. That’s because, according to nonprofithub.org, volunteers receive several benefits from donating their time and labor to a cause they believe in.

Some of the benefits people experience from volunteering include

  • Expanding your professional and personal network – volunteers meet a number of people in the course of their service. People who can become lifelong friends and professional colleagues through your shared dedication to a cause.

  • Building stronger bonds to a community – the community you serve, whether in your own neighborhood or elsewhere, becomes an important place where you met other people and share your experiences together.

  • Improving your health and well-being – volunteers experience lower stress levels. Studies also show that the social interaction volunteering provides may prevent memory loss 

  • Providing meaning and fulfillment to your life – when you have meaningful work that is valued and purposeful, you live a more fulfilled, happier life.

Rahab’s Daughters thrives on volunteers. Every workshop, talk, fundraiser, mission trip and rescue is made possible by volunteers. If you are dedicated to eliminating human trafficking, we have volunteer opportunities for short-term and long-term periods, both onsite and remote.

We have immediate need for volunteers for our upcoming mission trip to the Pro Bowl and Super Bowl ILV.

We need call center staff to identify and locate victims in need of help. This year our call center will be located in Bartlett, IL. Volunteers must be able to be on location in Bartlett. Training takes place Thursday, January 23rd. (links to Eventbrite sign-up page)

Some other roles volunteers fill at Rahab’s Daughters include:

  • Chapter Directors- Chapters of Rahab’s Daughters already exist in several cities, you can connect with one of them about volunteer opportunities or learn how to start up your own chapter.

  • Outreach Team Lead- Outreach is key to Rahab’s Daughters operations. We need people to reach out to companies, partner organizations, volunteers and survivors to help us fundraise and create opportunities for us to stop human trafficking.

  • First Responders- When a call comes in that a rescue is needed, Rahab’s Daughters needs first responders who are ready to drop everything and answer the call.

  • Event Planners- From hour-long workshops to full evening fundraising galas, we need event planners to make each event run smoothly.

Not sure where to begin? Just ask! You can e-mail info@rahabsdaughters.org to see what our current needs are and ask how you can help. You can also fill out our volunteer inquiry form to tell us more about yourself. You don’t have to be an expert in human trafficking or working with survivors of trauma in order to join the fight. We have needs that fit all skill levels, talents and passions. If you feel called to volunteer, let’s connect!