Rescue: Direct Action to Redirect a Life

How We Change Lives

When we have done the research, made contact, and figured out the safest way to help someone in need, we take direct action. Our volunteers on the rescue team bring the survivor to a safe place, free from their captors.

Rescue is considered the first stage in the process of recovery, providing a starting point for victims to become survivors who thrive in society. However to get to rescue there are many steps to build trust through outreach and acts of kindness and love either via our call center or face to face outreach.

We believe in teaching the skills necessary to live in the world, rather than simply providing benefits with no training on how to navigate the systems and challenges the world can pose. Unfortunately due to the extremely high recidivism rates we are only able to rehabilitate a very small portion of those we rescue each year but we know that we are planting seeds with every contact we make. 

But that is just the first step. Our program takes place in three stages:







In Need of Immediate Help

We keep women and their children together.

If you need immediate help and rescue, please call us at 1-833-4NEW-DAY or e-mail us at Families are welcome.

If you are not in the Chicagoland area, you can see if we have a chapter near you. If there is no local chapter of Rahab’s Daughters near you, we can find help for you.

Providing Basic Needs and A Secure Environment

Together with our community partners, we provide basic needs to the survivor like: Safety, shelter, assistance with obtaining identification, clothing of their choice, medical, dental and optical care for physical and emotional needs, counseling, and a loving, secure environment in which to thrive. 

After Rescue: Life Begins Again

There is no one dramatic escape from trafficking. After months or years of abuse and isolation, it can be challenging for the survivor to regain their confidence, break their dependence, and reacquire life skills. That’s where the next steps come in.

Rehabilitation and Reintegration are our enduring commitment to survivors. We’re here to help them find their strength to break the cycle of abuse and entrapment. The average survivor will go back seven -12 times before making a break from the life. Together, we can help them get their lives back.


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Your Support Leads to Our Rescue Operations

No one is rescued alone. Your support helps us train volunteers, set up safe houses, provide basic needs, and set someone on the path toward a regained life.