Survivor Stories


Survivors are at the core of our mission.

Our rescue, rehabilitation and reintegration programs are a vehicle to repair the damage, restore a sense of self worth and set the foundation to rejoin the world on world on your own terms. Unconditional love, support and care are provided. Our survivors give us hope every day that the end of human trafficking can be achieved. 


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If you are single and living alone right now, It’s natural to reach out for some companionship and human interaction using online dating […] […]

Cammie was a college student struggling to pay her tuition when she met her trafficker. He was a charismatic Romeo Trafficker who lured her into a relationship, promising to help and allow her to safely and quickly earn money by dancing for clients. Instead, he forced her into prostitution for two years. *Names have been changed to protect the rescue’s identity. How did this happen? Her story began in Manhattan, New York, where she encountered her trafficker. His charisma and ability to initiate […]

Lisa hadn’t finished middle school by the time she was trafficked. From 13 years onward, she never stayed in school. “There was never an opportunity,” says Sam Wijeyakumar, founder of Rahab’s Daughters. So, Lisa piecemeals 1.5 high school credits until her rescue at age 17.Naturally, one of the first goals we had for Lisa, after settling her in a group home, was getting her enrolled in school. But the path back to reintegration is never a straight line.Part of how Rahab’s Daughters works with […]


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