Join the Fight Against Human Trafficking with Rahab’s Daughters

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About Us

Building a Community of Compassion, Conviction, and Courage.

Launched in 2015 by a survivor, we aim to eradicate the trafficking industry using technology, education, and proactive outreach.

Our Services Include:

  • Safe Housing: A sanctuary for those in need.
  • Life Skills Training: Equipping survivors for a new start.
  • Survivor Mentorship: Guidance and support from those who understand.
  • Counseling: Access to direct support and resources

Meet Our Partners

Champions for Change: Joining Hands Against Human Trafficking This Olympics

Discover the pivotal role Rahab’s Daughters plays in combating human trafficking, especially during high-profile events like the Olympics. 

Latest Blogs and Articles

Why Passion isn't enough?

By- Sharmila Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar

The passion to end human trafficking, particularly in the context of major international events like the Paris Olympics 2024, is a crucial starting point, but it is far from sufficient. Events of this magnitude frequently experience a spike in human trafficking incidents, with traffickers capitalizing on the escalated demand for inexpensive labor and sexual services. The zeal and dedication to tackle this grave issue… Read More

The Heart of a Champion

  By Angel Szalnek

As the Paris Olympics 2024 approach, those who champion the protection of human rights must unite to prevent the scourge of human trafficking. Athletes, organizers, volunteers, and spectators alike must harness their inner champions, remaining vigilant, informed, and proactive in identifying and reporting any suspicious activities. Collaboration among diverse sectors, such as law enforcement, hospitality, transportation, and non-profit organizations, holds the key to success. The battle against traffickers requires innovation and adaptability, as they are known to harbor dark creativity. Empowering the public through awareness campaigns can broaden the network of guardians on the ground, supplementing official efforts. The hearts of champions must beat as one, transcending all boundaries of sector and community, to manifest a protective shield of unity and strength against human trafficking.

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