About Rahab’s Daughters

Building a Community of Compassion, Conviction, and Courage.

A Mission of Hope

Human trafficking is everywhere. So we are too.

Human trafficking doesn’t start with a kidnapping and end with a rescue. It starts with society turning a blind eye. It lasts long after the survivor gets away. That’s where we come in.

Through education, outreach, and awareness building, our team shines a light on this $63 billion industry. Through working with hospitals and first responders, we help people escape trafficking. And through compassionate rehab, we help them remake their lives.

Rising Up, Raising Hope

Sam’s Story

How a victim of modern slavery rose up to change lives.

Sam Wijeyakumar, the founder of Rahab’s Daughters, is a survivor of human trafficking. She saw firsthand the way traffickers’ cruelty and society’s neglect inflicted constant trauma. She started the organization with three goals:

  • Educate those around us about the realities & impacts of human trafficking
  • Rescue victims, rehabilitate them &, reintegrate them back into a sustainable, safe lifestyle where they can thrive
  • Stop the demand

The Importance of Our Community

Rahab’s Daughters is more than an organization: it is a growing movement of volunteers, donors, action-takers, and world-changers, working together to fight human trafficking.

At Rahab’s Daughters, we believe that no one is alone. No matter how dark your situation, our community is here to shine a light, to be a beacon toward a better life. We come together as one to provide compassion, passion, and determination.

Together, we give people trapped in modern slavery a chance to take control of their lives.

To Educate the Community

Trafficking can happen next door. See the signs, save lives, and prevent you or your loved ones from falling victim.

To Rescue and Rehab

Outreach, trust-building, and more to help people leave a terrible situation and rejoin the world in safety and dignity.

To Stop The Demand

From sex slavery to domestic workers, the demand for trafficked humans keeps growing. Together, we can turn it off.

Our Impact

Imagine being forced into a life where your body and mind are not your own. Your choices have been stripped away and your sense of self-worth has been beaten out of you.

Imagine existing in that life, where every action is controlled by someone else, and that someone else is selling your body over and over again. You are lonely, tired, and afraid. There is no way out and no point in fighting.

Then one day, you see a text on your phone explaining that you don’t have to live like this anymore. You have worth. You deserve better.

Since 2015, Rahab’s Daughters has rescued more than 1,000 adults and children, hosted nearly 700 community awareness talks, and trained hundreds of volunteers in the fight against human trafficking.


Our partners create collaborative opportunities and common purpose. Building relationships is key, and we’re honored to build relationships with each of our partners to implement change in our community. We could not do what we do without our amazing partners!

Our History

Building a Movement and Rebuilding Lives

Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar, a survivor of human trafficking, co-founded Rahab’s Daughters in 2013 alongside her family. Having lived the experience of being a human trafficking victim, Sam set out to create an organization that offers support to survivors in a variety of ways, all while working to put an end to human trafficking. Together with her family and an army of dedicated volunteers, donors, and partners, Rahab’s Daughters has grown into an effective and dynamic organization that aims to attack the problem from all sides. Our supporters have enabled us to offer support and resources to over 1,500 survivors through our rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Headquartered in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit also works to actively spread awareness about human trafficking by engaging community members in our prevention and awareness programs. These programs are offered throughout the Chicagoland area, as well as in our other chapter location areas, including Indiana, Florida, New York, Minnesota, and California.

Rahab’s Daughters recognizes that human trafficking is the 2nd fastest growing crime in the world, which is why we consider all routes when it comes to combating it. Not only do we fight against it through face-to-face efforts, we also work to combat it online by using technology to our advantage. We use and create software and a variety of different online platforms to help us stand against this horrific and heartbreaking industry.

It will truly take a village to put an end to this dark, dangerous, and ruthless industry. We hope you’ll join us in the fight against human trafficking.

How Donors Change the World

Human trafficking is a $33 billion global industry. Our donors help us combat the greed and cruelty that drives it.

Evil has deep pockets. We fight it through the generosity of the community- through donors like yourself. By funding our organization, you are able to make a tangible difference in so many lives.

Our work strengthens communities, prevents people from falling into the hands of traffickers, and helps other people rebuild their lives. Your donations make this possible.

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