Moms Against Trafficking

Mom’s Against Trafficking is spearheaded by a mom who has suffered the pain of a child being trafficked and wants to prevent other parents from facing the same pain.

Support is provided to any moms enduring the effects of a child who’s been exploited by labor or sex trafficking. This group is open to mothers whose families are facing the realities of human trafficking, as well as women looking to take an active stand against it.

We provide:

  • Prevention efforts
  • Counseling individual & group
  • Support groups online & in person

We are a Membership Only organization. Membership starts at $10/month. To join, please complete the following steps:

1. Please click the donate button to begin paying your $10/month member dues.

2. Please fill out our volunteer application.

How can trafficking affect your children?


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From the office to the field to safe houses, we need your strength.

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