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Our Mission

In the UK, we stand together against trafficking. Rahab’s Daughters is dedicated to stopping this crime and helping those affected. Your support creates change and brings hope. Join us in this important work. To rescue, rehabilitate, and reintegrate survivors of human trafficking. We’re committed to ending this atrocity in the UK and worldwide. We have tailored survivor support programs, strong partnerships, and relentless advocacy to protect the vulnerable and prosecute the guilty. The UK, like many places, isn’t immune to the dark trade of human trafficking. Rahab’s Daughters is pivotal in providing specialised support and advocacy to dismantle trafficking networks.

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Our Approach and Why UK?

In the United Kingdom, Rahab’s Daughters has adopted a tailored approach to combat human trafficking, aligning with the specific needs and legal frameworks of our communities. Our proactive measures—carefully designed to echo the UK’s commitment to the Modern Slavery Act—focus on prevention, direct intervention, and survivor support. By collaborating closely with local organizations and law enforcement, we ensure that our efforts are both culturally sensitive and impactful. This localised strategy not only amplifies our global mission but also resonates deeply with the values and dedication of our UK supporters, whose contributions are vital to the success of our international endeavors.

Building a Movement and Rebuilding Lives

Sharmila (Sam) Wijeyakumar, a survivor of human trafficking, co-founded Rahab’s Daughters in 2013 alongside her family. Having lived the experience of being a human trafficking victim, Sam set out to create an organization that offers support to survivors in a variety of ways, all while working to put an end to human trafficking. Together with her family and an army of dedicated volunteers, donors, and partners, Rahab’s Daughters has grown into an effective and dynamic organization that aims to attack the problem from all sides. Our supporters have enabled us to offer support and resources to over 1,500 survivors through our rescue and rehabilitation efforts. Headquartered in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit also works to actively spread awareness about human trafficking by engaging community members in our prevention and awareness programs. These programs are offered throughout the Chicagoland area, as well as in our other chapter location areas, including Indiana, Florida, New York, Minnesota, and California.

Rahab’s Daughters recognizes that human trafficking is the 2nd fastest growing crime in the world, which is why we consider all routes when it comes to combating it. Not only do we fight against it through face-to-face efforts, we also work to combat it online by using technology to our advantage. We use and create software and a variety of different online platforms to help us stand against this horrific and heartbreaking industry. 

It will truly take a village to put an end to this dark, dangerous, and ruthless industry. We hope you’ll join us in the fight against human trafficking. 

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