Liam Neeson teams up with It’s a Penalty campaign to help end human trafficking and exploitation globally! The “What is Human Trafficking?” panel aims to raise awareness and educate about what human trafficking is, the signs to look out for and ways to make a report. Join us on July 29th at 3pm est for this event! Our founder is a panelist!

Panelists Include:
■ Sarah de Carvalho, CEO at It’s a Penalty Campaign
■ Christian Elliott, Global Development Director at A21
■ Sharmila Wijeyakumar, Human Trafficking Survivor and COO at Rahab’s Daughters
■ Callahan Walsh, Director, Strategic Advancement & Partnerships at NCMEC
■ Deborah Richardson, Executive Director of the International Human Trafficking Institute
■ Kat Rosenblatt, International Survivor, Executive Director at There Is Hope For Me

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July 30, 2020 | Virtual Volunteer Orientation

Virtual Volunteer orientation means we can socially distance and still serve in many capacities.

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We need help in the following ways all from the safety and comfort of your home:-

1. Call center assistance – Can you take inbound calls and texts at home for 1 hr a week?

2. Ad scraping assistance – Can you scrape ads 1 hour a week?

3. Online deep dive research – Can you help us ties together information and analyse things to help us find survivors or traffickers online by investigating virtual red light districts?

4. Writing content for social media & our website

5. Writing blogs – 1 a month

6. Video blogs – 1 -2 a month

7. Software Developers – create or improve our online anti trafficking efforts

8. Bookkeepers – help us with internal audits or data entry

9. CFO skills – help us improve fiscal policies as we grow

10. HR skills – help us create employee processes

11. Project managers – help us keep on target with a variety of long term or medium term projects like superbowl.

12. Folks to call organizations and help them get involved in stopping trafficking

13. Folks to help plan our annual gala

14. Graphic designers – help us create amazing graphics for out website, handbooks, and much more

15. Shop – Help us find the best deals for things we need in bulk.

August | Dogs Against Human Trafficking Walk-Run Paw-A-Thon

Virtual Volunteer orientation means we can socially distance and still serve in many capacities.

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Spend time with your furry friend as you walk/run for a cause.  Rahab’s Daughters 1st Annual Dogs Against Human Trafficking Paw-A-Thon is a charitable event to support the care and upkeep of our rescue and service dogs.   Your invested interest and contribution will assist with our rescue and service dogs’ personal training, medical care, insurance, and daily personal care.  

As you practice social distancing and do your daily walk-run with your dog, our  Paw-A-Thon allows you to raise funds for a worthy cause- Our Dogs Against Human Trafficking Program. The actual walk-run begins August 1, 2020, and ends on August 31, 2020. 

The Paw-A-Thon is opened to ages 7 and up.  A non-refundable registration fee will be assessed to each participant.   Participants under the age of 18 must-have parental permission to participate.   

Registration Fees: $10  for Youth 7 to 17 years of age.   $25 for adults 18 years and older.  All Paw-A-Thon participation will receive a certificate of participation and a Rahab’s Daughters wristband.

For those who want to participate but do not want to do the walk-a-thon portion, we are asking for you to submit a picture of your furry friend, alongside a $10 registration fee. This picture will be put in a collage and appear on the back cover of the November/December release of our digital magazine. All participants will receive digital copies of the magazine. To enter into this portion of the Paw-A-Thon, email us a high-resolution picture of your pet alongside the email address you would like to receive the magazine too, and confirmation of the registration fee.

Those participating in the actual walk-a-thon portion of the Paw-A-Thon will automatically have their furry friend’s picture included in the magazine back cover upon submission of a high-resolution photo and information on which email address to send the magazine to.

Those who choose to host a fundraiser and raise $500 PLUS will be eligible to receive a Dogs Against Human Trafficking stuffed animal puppy and have the opportunity to have their name placed in a drawing to receive a tablet with certain accessories.

To create a fundraiser for this event, click the “I want to fundraise for this” button that is located above this text. This page will be used for you to send to those looking to donate and support you on your walk/run. After this page has been created, email us at with the link to your fundraising page, email, and mailing address so we can send you your certificate, wristband, and any other prices you may receive based on your participation results.

Dogs Against Human Trafficking are our front line rescue and service dogs that console and protect our survivors and first responder team.  They are a viable part of the work we do at Rahab’s Daughters. 

We thank you in advance for your support

Following your walk/run, we ask you to provide your first and last names, mailing address, preferred email, distance run or walked, and the time of your run to so we can send you your participation materials. We ask you to provide this data no later than midnight on August 31, 2020

Aug. 27, 2020 at 6:30 PM EDT | Tampa Bay Safehouse Virtual Informational Fundraiser

Virtual Volunteer orientation means we can socially distance and still serve in many capacities.

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With a joint partnership between the Rahab’s Daughters & The Florida Dream Center, we are working hard to open two safe houses in the Tampa Bay Area for victims of human trafficking. One for mom’s with children the first of its kind in Florida and 1 for adult women.

We need you to achieve this goal. Your volunteerism and your contributions both in kind and in cash will make this a reality. Please attend to find out how your skills can be used to make this project a reality. Are you an interior designer? Are you a bookkeeper, exterminator or marketeer? Every skill is needed to make this happen.

The financial goal for this project is $500,000 and YOU are the only way we can make this happen so please join us.

Sept. 12, 2020 at 10:00 AM CDT | BRAVE this is me "The Hero in You"

Virtual Volunteer orientation means we can socially distance and still serve in many capacities.

BRAVE: This is Me- “The Hero in You” Empowerment Gathering for girls 10 to 17 years of age.

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BRAVE: This is Me – “The Hero in You” is an empowerment gathering that offers powerful impact sessions and activities to motivate, educate, and inspire all who attend.

  • Table Talks
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Fun Activities


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