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Rahab’s Daughters is currently working on a charitable project of publishing a cookbook. Survivors come to us lacking some of the knowledge and basic skills needed to prepare themselves for various meals throughout the week. That is why we want to create this book to send them so that they can have a resource to turn to as they enter the rehabilitation and independent living stages of our program. For every cookbook purchased, an additional copy will be given to a recent survivor as part of her rehabilitation program. Fighting human trafficking and helping survivors get back on their feet is a community effort, which is why we are wanting to include recipes from the organizations and members who make up our communities.

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September 3rd, 2020 | Virtual Volunteer Orientation

Virtual Volunteer orientation means we can socially distance and still serve in many capacities.

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We need help in the following ways all from the safety and comfort of your home:

1. Call center assistance – Can you take inbound calls and texts at home for 1 hr a week?

2. Ad scraping assistance – Can you scrape ads 1 hour a week?

3. Online deep dive research – Can you help us tie together information and analyze things to help us find survivors or traffickers online by investigating virtual red light districts?

4. Writing content for social media & our website

5. Writing blogs – 1 a month

6. Video blogs – 1 -2 a month

7. Software Developers – Create or improve our online anti-trafficking efforts

8. Bookkeepers – Help us with internal audits or data entry

9. CFO skills – Help us improve fiscal policies as we grow

10. HR skills – Help us create employee processes

11. Project managers – Help us keep on target with a variety of long term or medium term projects like SuperBowl.

12. Community Engagement – Help call organizations and get  them involved in stopping trafficking

13. Event Committee Members- Help us plan our events like our Annual Gala and Brave

14. Graphic designers – Help us create amazing graphics for our website, handbooks, and much more

15. Shop – Help us find the best deals for things we need in bulk

September 24th, 2020 | Technology and Trafficking

Technology and Trafficking

September 24th, 2020 at 7pm EDT

In today’s world, learning about the basics of human trafficking isn’t enough. With technology dominating our culture and granting no escape, you need to be knowledgeable about the apps and devices you and your loved ones are using. Join us at this virtual Technology and Trafficking event so you can understand how technology is encouraging trafficking.

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January 2021 | BRAVE: This is Me - "The Hero in You"

BRAVE: This is Me- “The Hero in You” Empowerment Gathering for girls 10 to 17 years of age.

January 2021

BRAVE: This is Me – “The Hero in You” is an empowerment gathering that offers powerful impact sessions and activities to motivate, educate, and inspire all who attend.

  • Table Talks
  • Interactive Sessions
  • Fun Activities

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