Human Trafficking Training and Prevention for Businesses

Empowering women and girls to not fall prey. Educating everyone about the fundamentals.

Expert-Led Human Trafficking Training and Prevention Classes

You don’t want humans trafficked through in your company or on your supply chains. You want to adhere to regulations, protect your reputation, and make the world a better place. If you are a business susceptible to being a conduit of human trafficking or having slave labor on your supply chain, you need training.

With Executive-level and company-wide training programs, we can work together to make sure your business is free from human trafficking.

Rahab’s Daughters offers expert-led training so that your company can fight this scourge. We offer training for:

  • Hotels
  • Airlines
  • Sporting venues
  • Manufacturers
  • Logistics
  • More

How We Help Companies Protect Others and Protect Themselves

Our training programs are a comprehensive way to stay ahead of regulations and prevent fines, fees, and bad PR while improving morale.


Spot The Signs

What’s happening on the runways, in your lobbies, or around your factory floor? Do numbers seem off? There are signs that human trafficking may be impacting your business. We’ll show you how to spot them.

Train Employees

Any successful initiative needs to be company-wide. Everyone from management to new hires should understand their role in stopping human trafficking. We’ll do training or give you the tools to make the message clear.

Analyze Your Supply Chains

If you have supply chains, you’re vulnerable to modern slavery. From creation of materials to shipping to logistics, supply chains are the dark heart of human trafficking. We’ll help you learn ways to keep yours clean.

Create a Culture

When everyone is involved in stopping human trafficking, you create a culture people can be proud of. You help employees defend their families. You help create a better community.

Protect Your Reputation

Avoid fines, fees, and bad PR. Avoid having your name be unwittingly associated with slavery. And become an example for other companies in and out of your industry.

Donate Now to Become a Partner

We don’t just teach about human trafficking: we fight to stop it. Your donation can be an example of corporate stewardship as we work together to give people back their lives.

38 states have laws requiring human trafficking training. Learn from the experts.

This isn’t a mission statement for us. It’s our mission. We’ll give you the tools you need to stay in compliance and join us in this effort.


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From the office to the field to safe houses, we need your strength.

Take Action

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