Dogs Against Trafficking

Providing Comfort, Care, and Support.

Are you a dog lover? Come and help us with training or donate to support dogs taking a stand against trafficking.

Our dogs play a large part in survivor assistance.

During outreach, they serve to protect the rescue teams and provide comfort to the rescue. There have been survivors so moved by our dogs, specifically Milo, that they have begged to take him into drug rehab and other activities. 

During therapy, the dogs provide a cuddle and comfort that creates a secure, safe environment for women and children to unburden their stories. 

Dogs also guard and secure safe houses and allow survivors to feel more comfortable in court. 

We often allow survivors to adopt our dogs for their emotional support when they graduate and can show they are able to care for the dog.


Chase is playful but fierce. He loves to protect and cuddle!


Comet is a therapy and emotional support dog who loves children.


Milo is a rescue and protection dog who has served for 4 years.


Puggles is our resident Cuddler. She loves to cuddle humans of all sizes. She thinks she is a lap dog!