An Update from the Tampa Chapter: Moving Forward

In Florida, hurricane season and the stifling summer heat have arrived. Even though our state is gradually opening up, COVID-19 has left lasting effects on us all, and we’ve felt it especially as a new chapter. Even though we have been set back, we aren’t letting it stop us. We had a successful launch in March and then were stopped in our tracks – temporarily. We paused, regrouped and we are ready to hit the ground running when the time comes. Trafficking doesn’t stop for a virus – and neither will we. In fact, its evil perpetrators have adapted, taking on a sinister online role while still keeping a firm grip on the victims — much like the pandemic we’re all facing.

A lot has still managed to happen thanks to the tenacity of the Tampa team, its volunteers, and the wonderful support of the national office. Since we’re moving into our gradual reopening phase here in Florida, we are busier than ever. Face-to-face events are still on hold for now, but we have a few planned to happen later in the year, when we will hopefully all be in a better place. We’ll be sure to share the dates with you when details are a bit more finalized, but we are excited about what we’ve accomplished so far and what is planned. 

Get Summer Ready and Help Our Safe House Initiative
Our first online fundraiser just launched to great success – and it’s only day two! It’s an easy and fun way to support our safe house initiative. We have collaborated with LOVE bags –  environmentally friendly, stylish and fun reusable bags. They come in various styles and prints that are perfect for the beach, pool, picnics, grocery, or just moving about town. They are super fun! Just go to and enter RDTPA at checkout. Forty percent – yes, 40% – of sales goes towards Rahab’s Daughters’ Tampa Chapter and our safe house initiative. Speaking of safe houses – we have identified not one – but two – safe houses! We are laser focused on making them come to fruition, and we hope you’ll consider supporting this important and much needed initiative.

Donations Wanted for Survivors
As we focus efforts on launching the safe houses, we are planning ahead for the needs of the survivors and the supplies for the houses. Since many of the survivors come to us with just the clothes on their backs and no money, we provide them with everything they need, from underwear to pajamas. We are collecting clothes, shoes, kitchen supplies, linens, and toiletries. While we plan to hold additional future drives, this one will run to the end of June. Want more information? Contact us at for details.

New Collaborations for Success
We have developed several wonderful, new collaborations over the past couple of months – yes, we’ve been busy! We’re proud to be working closely with a number of organizations. Together, we will be even more effective at fighting against human trafficking in Tampa Bay.

Finally – mark your calendars for our Super Bowl mission on February 1-8, 2021, which includes the Pro Bowl, January 28-31, 2021. It looks like the football season will begin on schedule, for now – and so will the Super Bowl. We’ll let you know if that changes, of course. If you would like to volunteer for the Super Bowl mission. trip, visit to apply.

Stay safe and healthy – until next time! Thanks as always for your support!