Announcing our annual gala… and what a difference each ticket makes.


Our annual gala benefit dinner, to benefit survivors of human trafficking, is right around the corner.

What difference does your gala ticket purchase, make? Worlds, to trafficking survivors.

As a grassroots organization, every fundraising event directly impacts how much we’re able to do.

100% volunteer-run, leading multiple sting operations per year (36 rescues in 2016), keeping 3 safehouses with 14 beds open and running, and handling on average 50 cases at any given time from point of rescue through full reintegration back into society… For the survivors we serve, every dollar makes a difference.

This means that for every ticket sold for the gala dinner, most of your donation goes directly to help the survivors. So, what can $50 or $60 do?

It can mean the difference between getting away, or staying enslaved. Between getting a job, or regressing back into “the life” because no other solution seems possible. It can even mean the difference between life or death. Here are the tangible benefits your ticket brings to our programs:

One (1) ticket can fill a prescription or provide necessary medical tests and services upon rescue.

Most survivors receive little to no medical attention while trafficked, sometimes years – and if they did receive any, it was under the watchful and controlling eye of their trafficker, severely limiting the extent of care.

Many of our incoming rescues suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, have contracted STD’s, and bear the marks of ongoing violence. As told in Lisa’s story, parts of her skull had been broken in over years of abuse, with no medical treatment whatsoever. After her rescue, she saw a doctor for the first time in over 4 years.

Two (2) tickets pay for a bus ticket, getting a survivor to safety.

When we get referrals from outside our area, we need to quickly transport the survivor to one of our safehouses—before the trafficker gets to her, or the survivor loses her nerve.

This means getting them back to Illinois by train, plane or bus. The latter is usually the case, since trafficking victims are often stripped of identification to better isolate and control them, and ID is required for all modes of transportation… except the bus.

Three (3) tickets can rent an SUV that seats at least 7, to transport our rescue team and survivors safely.

A rental, to stay under the radar of traffickers who regularly employ violence to maintain their control. When we execute a raid, the same vehicle, used repeatedly, becomes a liability. Once traffickers recognize it, danger spikes and the mission is compromised.

As one partner law enforcement agency put it to the Founder, “Sam, you can’t use your personal car again. If you do, your life is in danger.”

Six (6) tickets can purchase a no-frills laptop for our vocational center.

Survivors whose education was interrupted – the average age a victim is trafficked is 13 – have the opportunity to make up for lost time, completing their studies, earning their GED and training for a career.

Lisa was trafficked before she finished middle school; by the time she reached us, she only had about 1 and a half high school credits under her belt.

In other words, every ticket matters.

Join us, in celebrating our continued progress in healing and reintegrating human trafficking survivors. You are invited to attend the event and enjoy an elegant 3-course dinner, cash bar, guest speaker, wine pull and raffle.

Tickets are $60 per person, or $100 per couple.

Click here for your tickets, now.

Corporate sponsorships are also available. If your organization would like to take a stand against trafficking email us at INFO@RAHABSDAUGHTERS.ORG to learn how.

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