Big Game Mission Brings Human Trafficking Awareness, Prevention and Rescue to Tampa Bay Area

Sponsorship and donation support needed to make this year’s event a success

Preparations are underway for our upcoming Super Bowl mission January 28-February 8, 2021, in Tampa Bay, Florida. This year’s effort brings together the Tampa Bay chapter team and volunteers, the Tampa Bay area faith community and their congregants, Chicagoland and Indiana teams, and Convergence Resource Center in Wisconsin.

Notably this year, we are partnering with SOAPIt’s a Penalty and a number of local anti-human trafficking NGOs to expand the Tampa Bay area effort. Local volunteers will be deployed to hand out messages of hope with while raising general awareness and educating the public on red flags to detect human trafficking.

In addition to our remote call centers, several churches around the Tampa Bay area are serving as call centers, where they will make outbound calls to connect with sexually exploited women. Past year’s missions have resulted in thousands of calls made and received. Last year, thanks to the connections that were made, we were able to rescue a survivor in Tampa brought in from Nebraska and used as a sex slave for a week before our efforts rescued her and helped to get the trafficker arrested. 

Our mission would not be a success without our amazing volunteers and of course, your support. Without your donations, our field team and volunteers couldn’t eat, would have nowhere to sleep, and no transportation. We couldn’t hold our awareness events for kids, we couldn’t hand out our outreach materials to reach vulnerable and exploited individuals and we certainly couldn’t rescue those in need. 

It’s not too late to help – will you support our mission?

How You Can Help