Did you know? Human Trafficking Awareness

According to the 2020 TIP Report, over the past five years, human traffickers have exploited both domestic and foreign national victims in the United States.  Traffickers exploit victims from the U.S. in other countries. The United States is one of the worst offenders of this type of crime.  Human trafficking cases have been reported in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.
Traffickers force, coerce, and lure victims, through fraud, to engage in commercial sex acts and to work in industries such as hospitality, traveling sales crews, agriculture, janitorial services, construction, landscaping, restaurants, factories, care for persons with disabilities, salon services, massage parlors, retail, fairs, and carnivals, peddling and begging, drug smuggling and distribution, religious institutions, child care, and domestic work.
This is why Rahab’s Daughters works so diligently to rescue, rehabilitate, and restore the lives of Survivors.  We also provide awareness and prevention education to communities. To learn more about our prevention programs visit our website: