Leveraging Technology to Disrupt Human Trafficking and Empower Survivors

Our Mission

At Rahab’s Daughters we are committed to disrupting human trafficking through innovative technology at every stage: stopping demand, education, prevention, identification, rescue, rehabilitation, and reintegration. We leverage modern technology to serve our communities and combat this pervasive issue effectively.

Impact Statistics


Outbound Calls

Utilizing our phone outreach technology, we reached thousands of potential trafficking victims to offer support and resources.

Places Identified

Our OSINT tools helped us locate and report these places, aiding in proactive measures against trafficking activities.

Individual Intakes

Technology-enabled identification and outreach resulted in the successful intake of women and children needing assistance.

Individuals Educated

Through our tech-driven educational programs, we significantly raised awareness about human trafficking.

Utilizing Technology to Combat Human Trafficking

Data Analytics

  • Collection and Analysis:  We gather information from public records, social media, and partner organizations.
  • Pattern Recognition:  Our algorithms and machine learning models identify trafficking patterns and predict potential scenarios.
  • Geospatial Mapping:  Visualization of trafficking hotspots to guide interventions.
  • Machine Learning Models: Predict and identify potential trafficking scenarios.
  • Network Analysis: Understanding trafficker operations by analyzing connections between data points.


  • OSINT (Open Source Intelligence):  Monitoring news articles, websites, and public databases.
  • HUMINT (Human Intelligence):  Gathering information through direct human contact and collaborations with law enforcement.
  • SOCINT (Social Media Intelligence):  Monitoring social media platforms for trafficking-related activities.
  • Digital Footprint Analysis: Tracking movements and connections of traffickers and victims.
  • Surveys and Interviews: Gathering qualitative data from survivors and communities.

Blockchain and AML Practices

  • Transparency and Traceability: Blockchain technology tracks the movement of funds, ensuring transparency.
  • AML Practices: Monitoring suspicious transactions and collaborating with cryptocurrency exchanges to trace illicit financial flows.
  • Smart Contracts for Compliance: Automating compliance with AML regulations to freeze assets linked to illegal activities.
  • Information Sharing: Participating in initiatives with banks and financial institutions to share financial data and insights.

Technology in Identification and Rescue

  • Advanced Tools: Spot signs and indicators of trafficking.
  • Geospatial Data Analysis: Identifying trafficking hotspots.
  • 24/7 Emergency Hotline: Secure communication channels for immediate assistance and rescue operations.
  • Multi-Channel Accessibility: Offering text messaging and online submissions for discreet and secure reporting.
  • Annual Initiatives: Deploying resources to major events to disrupt trafficking activities.

Take Action Today

Become a part of our mission. Whether you contribute financially, or spread awareness, every effort counts towards eradicating trafficking. Click below to learn how you can make a difference